Minor Update

I will be adding a link to our new DeviantArt on the about us shortly.


Tales of a Weekend Prerelease (Neil)

Hoo boy. Busy weekend people. Friday the girls and I were up very late getting example playmats and card alters ready for the Card Kingdom event.

What’s that? I never said we were doing card alters?

Well. This is awkward. Guess what guys? We do card alters now! Full alters, border extensions, anything you want. The starting price point is $20 for a border extension and $25 for a full alter, and the pricing guide page will reflect that fairly soon. End aside.

Anyways, we got to Card Kingdom around the exact time the first flight began, and set up the table just outside of the tournament room.
We waited. And waited. Nothing. Plenty of people came over and said they liked the work and thought it looked good, but not many people bit on actually ordering anything.

Then the second flight started, and everything went kind of crazy. Tons of people told us they’d email us, we got three alter commisions and one playmat commision, and we even did one alter right then and there for a casual player who felt that his Hellkite Overlord was not quite intimidating enough.

The next day we went to Uncle’s Games in Crossroads, but sadly found we couldn’t sell anything without a business licsense so we settled for hanging out and telling people about us.

Tonight I’ll be posting a bunch of pictures from the weekend and in general overhauling the site.

Shoutouts to Card Kingdom for letting us dirty their tables with creativity, Robby of MtGColorPie fame for hooking us up at Card Kingdom and for tweeting about our work, and Chris, the judge at Card Kingdom for announcing to the whole store that we were there!

Hope you guys had fun at the prerelease, and we’ll see you on Friday at Card Kingdom for the release!


They have arrived! (Neil)

Today ten white playmats arrived in the mail. And they are ready to be drawn on! We’re super excited to get some examples up in the coming days, and hopefully we will have an artists table at Card Kingdom next week for the Innistrad Prerelease. Anne, Sienna and Dani are super excited to get some artwork to you guys.

The bios are up for all three of the ladies, and I put up a small pricing guide. Don’t hesitate to e-mail or tweet us if you have any questions!


Welcome! (Neil)

Hey everyone! The site is still a work in progress, excuse the mess! Hopefully in the next month or so we’ll have everything worked out and some sample works posted. In the meantime, shameless plug: go see MtgColorPie’s blog! If it weren’t for him, we probably wouldn’t have had the guts to put all this together. Thanks Robby!